The BOINC Census 2022

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The BOINC Census 2022

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It only takes a few minutes to complete the BOINC Census here:

This is a project supported by The Science Commons Initiative (The SCI) to improve the ongoing development, marketing and growth of BOINC and its use around the world.
This poll only aims to collect general, anonymous information about you and how you use BOINC. We do not collect email addresses or contact information and only collect very broad demographic information in this survey.
This is not the first BOINC-wide poll that has been conducted, the last poll was in 2006, but this one is the first one that will be regular and ongoing.
The results of the survey will be published publicly for anyone to view after the census is complete. All results will be anonymous.
We encourage you to share this survey with anyone that you know that uses BOINC and to only submit one response to this form.
If you would like to be notified when the next census is available, click here.
Thank you for supporting BOINC!

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Re: The BOINC Census 2022

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Good thing to me i guess

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