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LODA is an assembly language, a computational model, and a distributed tool for mining programs. You can use it to generate and search programs that compute integer sequences from the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences® (OEIS®). The goal of the project is to find new formulas and more efficient algorithms for a wide range of non-trivial integer sequences.

The chart shows of the number of programs since the start of the project. You can see live stats of the program mining on our Grafana dashboard. Live updates on new findings are published by @lodaminer on Twitter.

We honor your contributions to the project: your name will be included in the mined programs!

For help and discussions, you can contact us in our forum or join us on Slack.

LODA runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. You need to have git installed.
On Windows, please install Git for Windows.
On Ubuntu/Debian, you can install it using

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sudo apt install git
On macOS, it is included in homebrew.

Join BOINC Synergy:
https://boinc.loda-lang.org/loda/team_d ... p?teamid=1

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