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SRBase is a mathematical research project that uses Internet-connected computers trying to solve Sierpinski / Riesel Bases up to 1030. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.

The project is in collaboration with the Mersenne CRUS project.
:arrow: The server is running on a private computer in a VM.

Project status at moment of post:
Riesel Base: 400/1031 proven (20.11.2020)
Sierpinski Base: 390/1032 proven (01.01.2021)
112 unstarted bases (28.03.2021)

The invitation code for creating new accounts is pillepalle

This senior BOINC project is also home to an awesome Published paper Behind SRBase that chronicles many BOINC server example notes and wu generation procedures.

Also see: srbase-entries-in-chris-caldwell-s-top5000-largest-known-primes-database

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