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SETI@home is an Internet-based public volunteer computing project employing the BOINC software platform created by the Berkeley SETI Research Center and is hosted by the Space Sciences Laboratory, at the University of California, Berkeley. Its purpose is to analyze radio signals, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, and as such is one of many activities undertaken as part of the worldwide SETI effort.

SETI@home was released to the public on May 17, 1999, making it the third large-scale use of distributed computing over the Internet for research purposes, after Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) was launched in 1996 and in 1997. Along with MilkyWay@home and Einstein@home, it is the third major computing project of this type that has the investigation of phenomena in interstellar space as its primary purpose.

On March 31 2020, the project stopped sending out new work to SETI@home users, bringing this particular SETI effort to an indefinite hiatus. The SETI team has stated that new ways for the public to contribute to SETI will become available.


An important update from Dr. David Anderson ... 19#2066219

This inspiring sentence stands out for me as a call to future researchers. And maybe a future BOINC project.

David Anderson wrote:

But there's an important lesson here for future radio SETI sky surveys: if possible, make each observation long enough for your longest FFT.

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