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BOINC Server Setup

Create a BOINC Server

BOINC Italy has awesome guidance for setting up a BOINC Server.

boboviz wrote:

     Create a BOINC Server

A long time ago, with Simone Conti, the problem arose that researchers (or even simple curious enthusiasts) might be interested in using the Boinc platform for their purposes, but that they ran aground practically immediately when faced with the creation and configuration of a server Boinc (not everyone has a Valterc in their team), either for the lack of time to study the documentation or for other problems. In reality this fear is absolutely unfounded: the creation of a Boinc server is an operation within the reach of anyone with a minimum of knowledge of linux and the command line, since there is nothing exotic. We therefore decided to create a small guide for this purpose, collecting the material scattered around the network, translating it and making it coherent.
Obviously everything is in the first public version, so there will certainly be a lot to fix, but at least it's a start.

Here is the complete guide

I have created a leaner and faster guide, removing many considerations and all images from the complete guide

Here is the abridged guide

I have also created an ultra-small guide for those who already know virtualization and linux environments and can therefore immediately start working on the server

Here is the essential guide

The links to the guides here are to English translations of the original PDF files available at BOINC Italy.

Displayed below is the translated essential guide.




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