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Max # of jobs/CPUs

Max # of jobs/CPUs

BOINC Synergy Forum Post by Contact » Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:13 am

There are 2 project settings available on projects that are running newer server versions after Jul 31, 2016.
Max # of jobs for this project
Max # of CPUs for this project

Magically, these settings are available for most projects that I normally limited via app_config.xml or similar. I now use Max # settings to limit my clients appetite for Virtual Box wu's. I also limit other resource hungry projects here.
In my version of stress free operations I set Max # of jobs to 1 and only one task a time is downloaded and run. Choose your own stress free #.
Max # of CPUs could be handy for greedy multi-threaded apps.
The Max # settings are available at least on these projects and likely others if I were to continue checking.

 LHC@home preferences
 LHC@home dev preferences
 MLC@Home preferences
 QuChemPedIA@home preferences
 RakeSearch preferences
 YAFU preferences
 Kryptos@Home preferences


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